Compact Engineered Floor

The Compact Engineered Floor is a wood veneer with a thin top layer of real wood. With Aston Louis Compact Engineered Floor you can see and feel the real wood. This feature makes a difference in your home, office or shop.

Aston Louis Parquet  Compact Engineered Floor is highly resistant to impacts thanks to high density fiber board which is HDF.

Each Aston Louis Compact Engineered Floor has a thin wood top layer.Therefore, our products give you the warmth and elegance when you touch the wood thanks to its solid parquet appearance. Seven layers of aluminum oxide  and reinforced ultraviolet polish is used on the surface against impact and abrasion.

Our Compact Engineered Floors are suitable for underfloor heating. As there are different types of underfloor heating systems, we recommend you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Underfloor heating must not exceed 25 ° C.

Thanks to the lock system of Aston Louis Compact Engineered  Floor, it is very easy to assemble and it decrease installation cost and installation time.

0.6 mm thick standard coating is used on the surface. The same thickness of natural coating is used on the back surface for balance. The middle layer thickness is 7.8 mm- 9.8 mm- 10.8 mm  thick  HDF.

HDF density is 880-900 kg / m3

Compact Engineered Floor Dimensions

155W/1198L / 9TH MM (0.6MM + 7.8MM + 0.6MM Layers Thickness)

155W/1198 L/ 11TH MM (0.6MM + 9.8MM +0.6MM Layers Thickness)

155W/1198L / 12.2TH MM (1.2MM + 9.8MM +1.2MM Layers Thickness)

155W/1198 L/ 13.20TH MM (1.2 MM + 10.8 MM +1.2 MM Layers Thickness)